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Changing Lives By Changing Smiles​​​​

New Life Smile.org​

Introducing: Elbow Funding™

SEE where and who your money goes to

‘Crowdfunding’ may be a buzz word in the sharing economy, but with New Life Smile, we rely on something a little closer to home. We like to call it ‘Elbow Funding’. It’s that subtle nudge from your significant other, when an obvious need arises. This is the kind of giving you do for someone you know. For the guy that cuts your lawn. For the older woman you know from church. It’s for your neighbor, your room-mom, your server. We make it a point to highlight all the people who will be helped by your donation. What better way to inspire giving than with the story of those who receive the gift?

Our Passion For Giving People New Smiles All Started With Dee

A desperate problem, met with a life changing solution

“Even the worst stories…

can have a great ending”

Dee’s story is both. Not only were we able to turn her story around, but doing so was the spark that started us on our New Life Smile mission. Dee came to us as she was trying to put her life in order. She had nowhere to stay, no job prospects and most notably, she had no way of carrying on a conversation without covering her mouth. She was trying to hide the fact that she was missing her front teeth. After some initial hesitation, she eventually opened up about her struggles. She told us about the abuse she suffered in a past relationship (the cause of the damage to her smile) and the downward spiral of being shamefully embarrassed of her smile while at the same time, trying to be valuable in a marketplace that puts so much importance on a bright personality and a friendly face.

We knew Dee didn’t have the resources to find the help she needed, and that meant WE had to to something. We also knew that a new outfit, hairstyle and makeup, wasn’t going to do her any benefit without a new smile. So that’s exactly what we gave her. Dee, and the hundreds of New Life Smile recipients who’ve come after her, all have one thing in common. A new smile wasn’t just a chance to their appearance. It was a turning point in their life. When we saw what we could do for Dee, we knew it was time to bring the concept of this life changing charity – to the masses.

Ready to Start Helping?

A Smile is a Powerful Gift that is Easy to Give

We’re asking for your help to change even more lives, but making a small donation to the New Life Smile fund. Because of generous contribution matching from companies like Brighter Image Lab, even $5 can make a difference. Please donate and help change a life by changing a smile, today.