The fight against substance abuse is

200 - 300% more successful

when the user can address their dental issues.

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Discover how New Life Smile™ can increase employment, reduce relapses, and improve recidivism rates.

Reducing Recidivism

A new smile can aid personal advancement and reduce re-offense in almost every measurable way

An Advantage in Overcoming Substance Abuse

Our results improve the odds of recovery from drug & alcohol abuse

Advancing Your Goals & Initiatives

We specializing in assisting and advancing existing community re-start & assistance programs

New Smiles Change Lives

The Challenge:

In America today, the circumstances people are born into are often a strong predictor of the opportunities they will have in life. Our dental care system was not designed to enable everyone to realize their (smile) potential. Which limits their ability to achieve their dreams.

The Opportunity

The Opportunity:

While no single solution is enough to bring about an equitable and excellent smile for everyone, New Life Smile has learned that dramatic change is possible for those who want it. Lasting change starts in many different ways, but few things can change how people will see themselves as much as a smile.

The Results:

We look for candidates with massive potential who are committed to change. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with dentists nationwide, New Life Smile goes beyond traditional dentistry to magnify not only smiles, but also our clients’ potential. We believe our work shapes the trajectory of hearts, minds, relationships, careers, and people.

The Results

How Do We Do It?

An all new smile makeover solution designed specifically for the people who need it most.

Bil Veneers - Lab Direct - No Dentist Visit

INNOVATION: Never before possible. Until now, the cost would have been thousands per client. Now it’s 70% less

DESIGN: Hand-crafted. Each design is matched to the person, because each person has different needs!

TECHNOLOGY: Precision & accuracy. No pain, no drilling, instant results.

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